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Case Studies - Strategic Food Research
Most of our strategic analysis is undertaken for private clients on a confidential basis. The following examples are only a small sample of the work completed:

New Bakery Product Development

Consumer research for a specialist bakery business including focus group and preference testing for a range of new ready-to-bake products. The selected products were subsequently sold in multiple retailers and specialist food stores.

Attitudes to Local Products

Consumer research into attitudes to local products from the Cotswolds incorporating environmental attributes. The research included focus groups and a large postal survey of consumers in the Cotswolds and surrounding urban centres. The results were used to develop a strategy to encourage the development of local product enterprises.

UK Market for Game Meat

The UK market for game meat is growing rapidly following increasing consumer interest in cooking and in novel ingredients. The decision of all the major retailers to stock game has also contributed to its success. This study was undertaken to provide the information base for a new entrant to this market.

Opportunities for Uruguayan Beef in Europe

A study of European beef market trends in order to identify opportunities for increasing Uruguayan beef exports. The analysis was based on a pan-European retailer surveys and a series of consumer focus groups to test alternative propositions. It includes an analysis of the impacts of Mid Term Review of the Common Agricultural Policy on the beef sector. Recommendations on a market strategy were developed.

Client: INIA, INAC, & MGAP, Uruguay

Export Promotion Benchmarking Study

The study benchmarked current food and drinks export promotion activities and tested the concept of an industry led export promotion focal point. The analysis was based on a telephone and personal interview survey of SMEs in the food and drinks sector, personal interviews with representatives of the industry focus groups of sub-sector groups.

Client: DEFRA, UK

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